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india international dyslexia association
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Dyslexia Friendly

What is a dyslexia friendly school?

Dyslexia friendly schools are able to identify and respond to the unexpected difficulties that a dyslexic learner may encounter. Teachers in the school understand the meaning of Dyslexia. A particular feature of such schools is the awareness among all teachers of what each pupil should be able to achieve.

Contact us with your request to join our Dyslexia Friendly School program.

Dyslexia friendly schools are proactive schools because they believe in the importance of rigorous scrutiny followed by immediate intervention.

Minimum Delays

girl student

In consequence the delay between identification and response is kept to a minimum.

These schools...

Set targets, review and monitor progress of all pupils and intervene when necessary.

Seek out opportunities to replace current practice with best practice.

Engage in a constant drive to improve achievement of all pupils.

Good Practice in these Schools...

Social, emotional and intellectual inclusion is a top priority.

The focus is on strengths rather than weaknesses.

Progress is monitored via achievement of can do statements.

This develops the confidence of pupils who feel empowered to perform at ever increasing level of competence.

How can the IIDA help your school?

Free Assessment for your Children

For this assessment, we go through two stages, so that we do not miss any of the children in your school

Stage 1

Please download the Dynaread screening tool and give a copy to every class teacher (Std. I – VII) in your school. Our staff will instruct your teachers, if needed how to use this tool.

Stage 2

We will train your staff ( free of charge) how to use the Dynaread Online Test. This test will be administered to those children who have been short listed by the first Dynaread Screening tool. All we need is the use of your computer lab and an internet connection.


Remediation Programs

IIDA will provide (cost-) effective Group Remediation Dynaread Online Programs. The IIDA staff will train your teachers to use this program. IIDA will provide support for teachers/parents in the use of this program. We will keep track of all your student’s progress.

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